a requiem for The DIY Daily

a few months ago i decided to shut down The DIY Daily, including both the newsletter and the podcast i published five days a week. although The DIY Daily website is no longer being updated, it will remain online as an archive for all the work i’ve done since it first began over three years ago.

i realize i left rather abruptly, without ever really explaining myself, so here's a few words from behind-the-scenes.

Seth Godin once wrote, “if you are willing to do something that might not work, you're closer to being an artist.”

but if the thing that “might not work” is following your passions and dreams, then how could it ever be wrong? so here i am, willing to practice, to publish, to fail, and to learn.

this is the journey i now find myself on.

so let this be a requiem for The DIY Daily.

the audience i found there was inspiring and motivating beyond words. without you, i never would have been able to find my natural voice and gain the confidence i needed to pursue my own creativity, my writing, full time.

the work i did there changed my life, and it probably saved it too. you were there with me, every day, rallying me on as i documented and shared many of the lifestyle changes i was making as i tried to become a happier and more fulfilled person. you were my support network. you were there alongside me as i quit smoking, when i quit drinking, when i became a vegan, when i gave my entire life’s music collection away, and you were even there when i decided to pack up my life in the city, sell my home, and move to a tiny town you can only get to by boat.

i can’t thank you enough for all of your support with The DIY Daily, sincerely. you truly made a difference in my life.

but i needed to move on. i needed to keep growing, improving, and to not allow myself to stagnate. i simply outgrew what The DIY Daily was originally intended to be, which was a daily marketing resource for independent musicians. the ideas i grew into writing and sharing with you became much more than just advice for artists. it evolved into less of a business resource, and more into an inspirational, spiritual, personal development site.

so when i took a step back and looked at The DIY Daily from how an outsider might perceive it, i realized it sounded more like a website for a handyman, a place where home renovation tutorials might be found, or perhaps where parents could find new craft ideas for their kids. it's because of this branding disconnect, between the name, the look, and the type of content i shared, that i was limiting the potential audience of what my daily writings could find.

i was letting myself down. i hit a plateau. i wasn’t getting anywhere. i needed to climb another peak.

i needed to create more and consume less. i needed to spend more time writing original work, which is what makes my soul sing. i needed to spend less time searching the web for other people's ideas, so that i could work on my own instead.

i needed to focus on what mattered most to me, undistracted. i needed to finish my book and launch a new website where all of my creative works could live, without hiding under the cover of a marketing or business site.

i needed to step forward and finally call myself a writer. i needed to finally become what i had always wanted to be.

so this isn’t goodbye, it’s actually an entirely new hello.

if you’ve been following me on the social networks, or you've already visited this website before, then you already know what i’ve been up to these past few months. my book is called Sparks to Awaken and you can pre-order it right here on Zen Thinking.

i'm back.

much love,

brian thompson