and so it goes, every man for himself

a picture i took in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland

democracy only works when the people are interested and aware, when they truly feel as if they mutually have something to gain by being involved. but if they're uninformed, distracted, and simply don't care, then the society is apt to be royally screwed, and will fall into a state of oligarchy and gross disrepair.

politicians will always take advantage of a distracted public. they will always pass underhanded deals that only benefit the banks and the corporations with the biggest accounts. they will always ignore the people, the environment, and the nature of our mutual, global coexistence, if left unchallenged and unchecked. instead, they'll give each other pats on the backs of their thousand dollar suits, they'll give each other a wink and a nod, and say, “i’ll look out for you, if you look out for me."

and so it goes, every man for himself.

of course, this isn’t new. its a corruption that only perpetuates itself, impossibly stuck in a cycle of rewards for ill-conceived and selfish deeds.

you see, it’s in a government’s best self-serving needs to support a cultural system, a mass media, that diverts their people’s attention away from what really matters, and onto what is trivial, falsified, and mundane. by dumbing down the public, those in power get what they want, while the people suffer and get none.

by encouraging the ignorant, by spreading the dis-ease of disinformation, a society is ultimately destined to fail. it will eventually crumble, under the weight of its great deceit.

nothing can flourish when its foundation is built on ignorance, anger and fear.

don’t be fooled, this type of freedom is fraud. question everything, strive for truth, look out for the greater good of all, and be aware.

brian thompson