reach for the outer limits of what you thought possible, just to see if you can

a photo i took in a small town on the coast of Eastern Iceland

at the heart of most everyone’s motivation, for whatever it is they find themselves doing, is someone whom they’re trying to impress.

for some it could be their mother, for others their father. for some it might be in hopes of winning the favour of a crush, or perhaps to woo and wow a lover. for others it could be an audience they’re trying to please, or a client, a boss, or a customer they hope to appease.

we often do the things we do to impress others, to gain attention of a certain social clique, whether it be colleagues, classmates, friends, family, co-workers, lovers or peers.

these are all normal and expected motivators of course, a natural part of what it means to be human. we’re social creatures after all. we tend to define our happiness by our apparent social success, something our culture reinforces through the cult of fame and celebrity, fashion, performance, good looks, and financial wealth.

when we look inwards and consider this, most of us find that our motivations are there to aid us in our search for love, acceptance, and friendship.

as natural as these are, all they're trying to do is satisfy the unquenchable thirst of the ego. these motivators only strive for the affection of outside sources, in hopes they'll tell us that we’re good, to say that we’re okay, to prove that we’re worthy of attention, that we’re valid. in the end, we’re looking for fame, even if it’s only through one other person’s starstruck eyes.

but know this; you’re worthy of love, now. you need not wait to achieve anything else first. you’re worthy, as is. who you are, and what you have, is already enough. search no more!

we can say it to ourselves in a morning mantra as we look in the mirror, we can nod our heads claiming we understand these words, but until we truly believe our inherent self-worth, all of our motivations will be sullied and soured by the impurity of our false intentions.

when we place our motivations in the hands of our ego, our intentions become misguided. our actions become misconstrued and cloudy. when we place someone or something before our own needs, we become confused with what we’re even trying to achieve.

if we can’t make ourselves happy first, then no one or no thing, will be able to either.

our happiness must first begin with us.

our self-contentment must begin within. it must be nurtured and nourished inside of us first. only then, when we’re untainted by any outside egoic rewards, can we finally flourish in our art, our work, our love, and our life.

strive to impress yourself. strive to pursue your own ideals and values, not someone's else. strive to push your own envelope, to discover the edges of your own creativity and artistry, and then to stretch it even further.

strive to find the truth of the universe that you make for yourself. this is your reality, not anyone else’s.

whatever your art may be (and anything can be an art, if you treat it as such), aim to impress the craft itself, not those who consume it. your intent is to pay homage to the spirit of what it is that makes you feel alive!

dive deep and be true.

what is it that inspires you? what instigates you to pursue things further? what dares you to do what you've never done before? what is the foundation for your desires? what is the goal you hope to achieve?

to get laid? to get a raise? to hear a crowd chanting your name? to get one thousand Likes? to finally hear the words, “Good job, son. We’re so very proud.”

these are intentions of the ego which have no lasting value. they will be tasty for only a day or two, only to spoil in the coming week.

let your intention be to find peace within yourself, through the act of doing something you believe in, with all of your being. let your intention be to create the things that scream out from your soul, to express your truth that aches to be realized.

reach for the outer limits of what you thought possible, just to see if you can. not for the applause of others, but for your own cause.

that’s where happiness is found.

freedom can be found through the purity of your intention. let it lift you to a new level of unexpected and ecstatic heights.

brian thompson