we all have a longing

a photo i took on the Sunshine Coast, BC

we all have a longing.

we all have something which pulls us, which we yearn for with all our heart. sometimes we're acutely aware of what it is, but many times we're not. for most, our longing remains a mystery, a silent nagging with which we have no answer to.

do you know what you're searching for? what is it that you so desperately yearn?

is it something to mask your pain with, or to distract you from life's sometimes unpleasant predicaments? is it something to afix your identity to? to better fit in? is it happiness, or inner peace and calm? is it love, success, or a sense of accomplishment? is it something to fill the hole you feel inside? something to soothe the sadness, the sense of loneliness that never seems to go away?

if we examine ourselves inwardly and honestly, most of us will find we have no idea what we're trying to achieve with our nonstop quest for more, more, more. we're always on a quest for something. always wanting, craving, seeking, striving. always yearning, yet never being settled or content with whatever we finally get.

we busy ourselves needlessly, distracting ourselves from the beauty that’s already here.

more stuff, more money, more memories, more time, more knowledge, more compliments, more experiences, more friends, more fun, more love, more power, more influence, higher social regard.

we’re exhausted and worn down by a search for mystery that can never be fulfilled by outside sources.

but what if we could find bliss in this very moment? what if ecstasy was right here, right now? what if you already had that all you that ever need, inside of you, to quench the yearning thirst of your spirit?

understand that the sense of lack you feel is merely a fearful misrepresentation from your mind. you already have everything you need to be happy and free, inside.

every moment can be filled with wonder, if you allow it to be.

how you react to the flow of life shapes the world you live in.

your overthinking-mind tries to place everything you experience into a well-defined box. that’s a tree. that’s pretty. that’s ugly. that’s a problem. that person’s mean. i’m unhappy.

you label you life with definitions you've convinced yourself are true. you cast projections of your judgements and opinions onto everything you encounter. but these thoughts of yours are not reality. these perceptions you apply to things are merely mental projections, they are a virtual reality you’ve created for yourself, which no one else can see but you. you live in your very own nightmare.

so will you struggle, or will you thrive? it’s up to you. your outlook on life relies on how you face each moment. your happiness and freedom depends on the energy you bring to each interaction, on whether you openly embrace the essence of each passing moment, or whether you resist the unfolding of life with a closed and judgemental heart.

if we’re mindful, if we let go of our pains and preconceptions and practice true presence in every moment, if we let go of our quest to protect our broken hearts, if we stop seeking to appease our unease with outside stuff, then we can find our inner contentment and calm that has always been there, yet was covered by years of fear, doubt, pain, and resistance.

when we let go of our preconceptions and expectations on how things should be, and stop carrying around the baggage of our past, then we can awake to the ecstatic bliss that lies within each passing moment.

we will yearn no more.

brian thompson