on the topic of surrender

when we surrender ourselves to whatever it is that we resist, the war inside us ends. the struggle against the nature of our being weakens. our minds become at ease, our jaws become unclenched, our shoulders relax, and we settle into a profound new place of inner calm.

what does it mean to surrender? to no longer resist, to no longer deny what you know to be true. it’s a conscious decision to stop fighting, and instead, to begin healing.

surrender to your shame.

surrender to your expectations.

surrender to your imperfections.

surrender to your vulnerabilities.

surrender to your deepest insecurities.

surrender to your fears, angers and anxieties.

surrender to all those behaviours and habits you secretly want to change.

surrender to all the mistakes you’ve made, and to all those that are still yet to come.

surrender all your judgements and opinions, let them go and lay them down at your feet.

surrender to your hate and let it dissipate.

surrender to love and let it envelop you, wrap yourself in its warm embrace.

when we raise a white flag towards all of what we’ve resisted, ignored, fought against and denied, and we wave it in the winds of change, a new dawn awakens in us.

surrender invites humility to arise within us, for ourselves, others, and our place in things. it teaches us to accept our true nature and all of the challenges we face.

surrender teaches us to find harmony in the present moment.

through surrender, we invite a sincere and revered sense of accountability into our lives. we accept that the quality of our thoughts shapes the quality of our lives. what we think, becomes. we learn it’s not the world itself that creates our inner struggles and problems, but it’s how we react to the world.

surrendering is not an act of weakness, but rather an act of courage and personal wisdom.

when you stop resisting, your battles end. all the fights that once defined you soon fade, leaving you awash with an effervescent glow of peace and wellbeing. a new beginning, unencumbered by the weight of your burdens. a renewed sense of self-compassion graces your spirit, and your true essence is able to once again come alive.

when you surrender, you enable the truest version of yourself to awaken.

lighten your load. wave a white flag to whatever it is you resist.

brian thompson