the most epic and unreal photo i've ever been in

Landrangar, Iceland. Photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

if you look close, you'll see me near the bottom, walking along while being blown around by the sub-arctic gusts, with two giants of volcanic rock standing stoically at my back, pieces of a pre-historic earth's uprising as it settled into place in the North Atlantic sea. leviathans from another time.

here, when you walk on the mossy-topped black rocks, you can almost hear the wisdom of the ages singing through the ancient breeze. it's quiet and still here, despite the ever-blowing wind and the constant roar from the crashing waves on the stones below the steep cliffs. here in this place, i get a sense of how things were for many millennia, and still are.

this is what we survived. all of us.

this is a time capsule back to before our humanity was born, back to how things were before our opinions, riches and wars mattered more.

this is a monument to our past, when molten lava flowed from gaping holes that were torn in the ocean floor, when glaciers moved mountains, when the galaxy spun into being, and when nothing stood in nature's way. this is a tribute to when truth was absolute.

this is where life comes alive.

brian thompson

in Iceland with our Happy Camper :)  photo by me.

** we owe heapings of gratitude and thanks to the amazing people over at Happy Campers for helping us make this dream come true. we couldn't imagine travelling around Iceland any other way...