what does it mean to truly taste your tea?

my morning tea

when was the last time you truly tasted your tea?

more often than not, when we drink our tea, we blink, and then it’s already gone. how many other things in our lives are like this? dare i say, most.

we miss much of the beauty that exists around us because we close ourselves off from it. we distract ourselves away from what the present beholds, while we distress about what happened last, or what’s next to be done.

life wasn’t meant to be reduced to a never-ending checklist, always racing to check off each item before its even barely begun.

when was the last time you held a hot mug in your hands and luxuriated in its bouquet of wild flowers, in the intricacy of its complimenting leafs, and savoured the symphony of flavours it revealed in each sip? when was the last time you gave pause to how the tea came to be, considered where it grew and all the hands who harvested it, and gave thanks to how it arrived inside your plentiful cup?

when was the last time you cleared your mind and simply drank your tea?

when was the last time you consciously decided to put all else aside and only did this one important thing, without care for getting anything else done, without care for being productive, with no distractions; with no phone, radio, internet or TV, with no conversation or inner dialogue to confound your mind; just you and your mug, quietly tasting your tea, with full intention, from bringing water to a boil, to finishing its last brewed drop, just tasting your tea.

this is what it means to be mindful, to pour your full intent into your present awareness.

this art, of finding luxury in the moment, of centering yourself, of being entirely present, of relishing in the bounty of the moment's full and undivided experience, is a meditation of the highest form.

this state of being, is zen.

this, is bliss.

if we can slow down and invite this zen into our daily lives and routine, we’ll be blessed with a clarity and awareness that will astound us.

be baffled by the beauty of simplicity.

awaken to the noise we’ve become accustomed to. let it remind you of what it means to be alive, when you're free from the fixations of your mind.

put aside all else. each day take some time for me, and for once, truly taste your tea, its leaves are graced with the peaceful essence of infinity.

brian thompson