life wants to be chased: an Icelandic fairytale come true

Kirkjufell, Iceland. Photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

a few short weeks after we had first met, she sent me a message, a photo of a waterfall and a mountain, two of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen. etched across the top were the heart-melting words, “i want to be here with you”. 

"how lucky of a guy am i?”, i said with a smile and a dreamy, starry-eyed sigh. 

the image that created the first spark

the image she sent was of a scene so magical and out-of-this-world, so picturesque and serene, of a land so far away, and so far removed from the daily life and routine i knew, that it seemed too impossible of a place for me to ever imagine myself being. 

"yeah, i wish," i thought to myself, "other people do that kinda’ stuff, not me." 

but over the coming months i was strengthened by love, i was encouraged by trust, and empowered by the purity of a passionate belief. a boldness grew in me, a formidable feeling that i could go and pursue whatever kind of life i dreamed. 

places like this aren’t only for others, they're for people, just like us. 

when the barriers in your mind melt, all of the other obstacles that once stood in your way seem to just fade away. together, we knew that if we dared, what once seemed like fantasy, could quite easily become reality. together, hand in hand, we knew that we could find our mountain. 

a romantic quest to an island called Ice, tucked away on the edges of the Arctic, floating in the Norwegian Sea. how could i refuse a calling so divine? so we did just that. we simply packed our bags, and went. 

we boarded a plane and travelled for many hours, we landed and rented a van, and then drove and camped for twelve days straight. we didn’t know where we were going, but after sixteen hundred miles, we finally found our fairytale, that place that marks the spark of when our love was first born. 

Kirkjufell, that Icelandic mountain we held inside our hearts, that place that compelled us to flirt with fantasy, that drew us to adventure, that dared us to go after whatever we want. 

it was better than what we had ever hoped. 

it was an awakening of sorts, standing there, together, a surreal moment for sure, and one i know we’ll never soon forget. a reminder that dreams can be realized, wherever you place your energy of intention, and that all the problems you foresee are manufactured solely within your mind. 

life wants to be chased.

it wants to be grabbed by the tail as it’s teasing you, and taunting you, and running away, all while the years add up, with each passing day. life screams at you to be experienced. you must go after it, catch it, shake it, hold it up to the sun and see it shine. don’t let it dim as you watch it fade away. it’s not something to be watched from the sideline, or as it streams across your screen. it demands for you to take action. 

you choose your own adventure. 

create your moments and let your memories leave a stamp on your soul.

let them renew your spirt, share their essence with all of those you love. 

i dare you, go out and catch life in the palms of your hand. it’s easier than you could ever imagine. 

brian thompson

** we owe heapings of gratitude and thanks to the amazing people over at Happy Campers for helping us make this dream come true. we couldn't imagine travelling around Iceland any other way...