a new interview with me on The Art of Breaking Out podcast

i was recently interviewed by Craig McBreen for his new podcast, The Art of Breaking Out.

listen to the episode here, download it here, get it on iTunes, or stream it on the Stitcher Radio app on your phone.

i hold nothing back in this one, no topic was off limits.

what was the catalyst for all of the life changes i’ve made recently? how did i come to decide to drop everything, move to a new town, start a new life and chase an entirely new dream?

we talk about self-analysis, mindfulness, overcoming bad habits, creating new routines, and pursuing your passions to create work you love.

we also discuss how i go about my writing, and how i approached the marketing and design of my upcoming book, Sparks to Awaken. we also talk a bit about my recent adventure to Iceland too.

The Art of Breaking Out is a podcast built to empower you to break out and live the life you’ve always wanted to live. late bloomers, outsiders and misfits welcome.

not only is Craig a great interviewer, but he’s also a fantastic blogger. make sure you check out his website here: www.artofbreakingout.com.

i hope you enjoy our chat as much as i did.

brian thompson