everything is a mirror

a rock i found sitting on my sister's dresser

i found a rock sitting on my sister's dresser that had the follwing words etched onto it:

Everything is a mirror.

an incredible message of self-discovery is squeezed into these four short words, if you're willing to unpack them.

you bring a piece of yourself into every experience you have, and all of your opinions are reflected back to you in every moment and in every observation.

everything that you see, hear and perceive is coloured by your pre-existing knowledge, thoughts, stories and ideas.

if you look closely at all of the judgements you place on things, you’ll gain valuable insight into the quality of your very own nature. you’ll become acquainted with all of your unfair biases, prejudices and dualistic thinking.

ugly or beautiful, happy or sad, easy or difficult, delicious or gross, thin or fat, fun or boring, right or wrong — none of these are empirical, proven fact. they are merely opinions.

the reflections you see highlight opportunities for you to learn and grow. they present a chance for you to practice compassion, mindfulness, and loving-kindness.

these are your sparks to awaken.

wherever we go we bring our so-called knowledge with us. but in fact, this knowledge is nothing more than a tightly wrapped package of misguided perceptions that we've placed onto every thing we’ve ever encountered. these views are not fact. they are not truth.

we drag our opinions around like unnecessary baggage on an around-the-world, never-ending trip. wherever we go, whatever we do, whoever we see, we’re burdened by them. we lug them around and complain about them, and in doing so we end up missing most of the beauty in the world (and in our lives) while we struggle to move and maintain our crummy old bags.

imagine how much simpler life would be if we’d only pack less?

we’d be so much more free! we’d be able to roam the world effortlessly, no longer burdened by the extra-heavy weight of our one-sided beliefs. we’d be able to have relationships, no longer overwhelmed by competition, doubt, fear or jealousy. we’d be able to find true happiness, in the moment, without the dirty haze of our judgements to distract us. we’d finally be able to see the natural beauty in all things, in all people, and in every experience, untainted.

uncover true wisdom. unpack your preconceptions. leave your opinions behind.

see the world anew. engage with all of your moments, unbounded by expectations, free from all the stories of your past. see the world more clearly. look at the labels you attach to things.

let the world become a mirror that points you to your true awakened self.

brian thompson