a sadness at the centre of our existence

there is a sadness at the centre of our existence. it’s what both unites us and separates us, it’s what draws us together but also drives us apart.

when we’re consumed by it, we’re blinded by it. we disappear inside of ourselves because of it, trapped by its relentless grip.

its perspective is limiting and constricting, yet it binds us all together in our humanity. it’s something that’s common to us all. it’s depth is relative, with no one's pain any less, regardless of circumstance.

everything we love will die and disappear. some we will see, some we won’t. everything is impermanent and nothing lasts forever, that is certain. 

it’s how we deal with this existential sadness that defines how we live our lives. can we endure it, embrace it, overcome it and triumph in spite of it? or will we resist it, struggle endlessly, and be consumed by it?

each day gives us another chance to learn how to honour this life through our greatest intention. each day is another chance for us to find new skills for how to cope, to figure out how to be happy, without placing it in the hands of something that needs to be acquired, and despite whatever pain may be inside, regardless of whatever struggles we may have seen.

light cannot shine without darkness. it’s our sadness that gives happiness a space to flourish. it’s our pain that lets our joy exist.

no life is free from this struggle that defines us. its very presence is what makes it possible for us to realize our peace. 

when we persevere, we pave the way for better things to come, both unimagined and unexpected. it’s our grit that inspires a greater tomorrow.

don’t be hasty. don’t shut the movie off before it's done, for there’s no time for regret.

pursue every decision with the greatest possible love. bring your highest virtue into each and every moment. when we have compassion with ourselves, everything will sort itself out.

brian thompson