wrestling with resistance and following my bliss

i sold my home in the city and moved to a small town in January, so that among other things, i could be free from the burden of both a high monthly mortgage, and from the interruptions of busy urban life. i needed to give myself some headspace to roam and to explore in, without pressure. i needed to find passion once again. i needed to nurture all of the things i love in life, without distraction. i needed to afford myself the ability to finally go after the one thing i’ve always secretly yearned to do, to find my muse, to find my true voice; i wanted to ponder and write.

so that’s what i’ve done for myself this year, i've dedicated myself to writing.

in the past nine months i’ve turned down countless jobs so that i could gather my thoughts, jot them onto paper, and cohesively assemble them into a book. i've decided to call it, Sparks to Awaken. 

in May i decided to shut down the popular daily newsletter and podcast i published, The DIY Daily, right at it's very apex. i walked away from the TV show i was hosting, Conversations. i quit teaching the weekly Music Business course at a Vancouver college, and over these past few months my email inbox has overflowed with countless unopened messages, while my presence on social media became a fraction of what it once was.

i’ve done all of this because i couldn't allow myself to be distracted any longer, regardless of how rude my lack of replies may have appeared, no matter the job offer, no matter the money, regardless of the tempting opportunities that presented themselves.

and it's turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. i've written more than ever before. not only is my book inching closer and closer to finally being complete, but i've also had the ability to take time and care in creating this very website, my new online home, Zen Thinking.

so if you’re interested in the things i write, then i invite you to pre-order my upcoming piece of non-fiction, Sparks to Awaken. i've opened up my heart and have dumped my brain into this project, so i'm hopeful it will speak to you.

since i'm self-publishing this book independently and printing it on my own, i need to know how many copies i should print, so i decided to collect some pre-orders for it. otherwise if i didn't, i’d probably end up with a shed full of unsold boxes from overzealous expectations.

so if you'd like to be one of the first to read my debut book, i've put together four different packages for you to choose from. clink the link below and take your pick.

i’m not gonna lie, it’s kinda’ scary quitting everything you do and walking away from all that you're professionally known for. i'm venturing out into an entirely new creative world.

i’m heeding the advice that's tattooed on my left forearm; i'm following my bliss. i’m following my heart to be a full-time, self-published writer and author.

but i do need your help. 

so if you find solace, beauty, comfort, insight, or wisdom in the words i write, or my thoughts and ideas resonate with you, then please click that pre-order button.

thank you so incredibly much for your support. much love, and i’ll talk to you again soon.

brian thompson