commitment gives you greater perspective, it fuels your growth

foggy road photo by me.

commitment fuels growth.

not matter what it may be — art, music, exercise, education, career, or matters of the heart and soul — no growth can occur without the focus of a nurturing commitment.

commitment gives you greater perspective. it gives you true understanding.

commitment affords you the patience to endure the time it takes to practice and learn. without it, goals and growth become unachievable; they become obscured by anxious frustration and an intolerance to persevere.

you must be willing to weather the storms of failure to clear the path of learning, competence, knowledge and skill. commitment gives you the impulse to get better. it gives you the drive to continue improving, to evolve.

there can be no commitment without willpower, just as there can be no willpower without a desire to change.

be as committed as waves intent on reaching the shore.

show your intent is true for whatever your dreams call you to do. prove it with your energy of enthusiasm, and xpress it through a consistency of actions that inch you closer towards your bliss.

brian thompson