letting your imagination germinate and sprout

sprouting weeds in spring. photo by me.

last week a tiny idea popped into my mind and i quickly jotted it down, as i always do, thinking it might be something worth expanding on for a short little blog post.

i thought my thoughts on the topic were complete, yet the more i considered the idea, the more questions arose. the more questions i pondered, the more insight i gained — but the more insight i gained, the more my original thoughts became obsolete.

today, a full week later, my sparse, five word concept has somehow transformed into an entire chapter in my upcoming book. things i've never before thought of have somehow unravelled into a much more complex understanding.

sometimes you just need to be patient and sit with things, and not rush the process.

you need to take the time to water your thoughts with proper intention, introspection and analysis.

you need to let the seeds of your imagination germinate and sprout into whatever it is they want to become.

brian thompson