don't get lost in your failures

photo by me.

don't be weighed down and lost by your failures.

let them nourish you.

instead, revel in your successes, no matter how small they might seem. stack them one atop the next, and your forward momentum will be seen.

understand that setbacks are integral to the process of growth. they force you to consider new points of view which were otherwise ignored.

unforeseen complications cause you to refine your approach so that you can try once again, only with a more focus and realized skill.

when you encounter difficulties along the way they force you to recommit to your cause. in doing so they make you more determined, more patient, more resolute and resilient than ever before.

obstacles sort the weak from the strong.

every failure you endure will reveal new insights to you — watch for them, they’re always there.

only when you walk the path of defeat, can wisdom and mastery be found.

brian thompson