a skill worth developing — mellowing anger with mindfulness

be mindful of the moment when anger begins to rise within you.

this is a moment of unparalleled opportunity, but it’s also one that escapes you quickly, and should you miss it, your situation can become much more dire.

when anger strikes, you have only a brief chance to react skillfully before it manifests into something much larger and out of control that consumes you.

when you sense its feverish heat rising within you, be mindful of it.

let your awareness of its venom be the very thing that silences it; respond instead with patience and compassion, rather than with heated tongue or clenched fist.

where there is anger, there is also fear — wherever you see one, you will see the other.

it’s important to understand however that fear only feeds fear, only making it more vivid and intense.

once you give into its dark passion, it soon becomes a bottomless black hole, sucking any and all goodwill into its bottomless pit.

the more fear you feel, the more impulsive you're tempted to respond to it, but in doing so, it soon turns into anger, chewing through anything it encounters; including your sense of well-being.

be mindful; allow awareness of your anger to deepen before you react to it, so that you’re able to question its true source — the underlying fear itself.

admittedly, this takes a profound amount of practice, but it's a skill worth developing with your mightiest intent.

realize that your anger is only a symptom of something much deeper that’s troubling you.

find the source, question your originating fear.

when you respond to your anger with patience instead of hate, it will soon fade away in the light of your kindhearted compassion.

don’t let anger take root in your soul and turn you into a twisted mess of brambled sticks. cut it off, before any damage is heedlessly done.

mellow your anger with mindfulness — cure it by tending to the deeper fear you secretly deny.

brian thompson