upon my coastal return...

photo by Brian Thompson

i walked the beach this morning, a few short hours after returning to my coastal home, and with my nose still dry from desert dust, and my lips still cracked from the Southwest sun, my senses feel renewed and ecstatic here, revelling in the natural, abundant opulence of life that explodes here on the Pacific Northwest coast; the fresh and salty air, the overwhelming smells of cedar wafting in the breeze, the sounds of waves lapping the shore, the all-encompassing evergreen that tints everything with an emerald hue, and the springtime blossoms now in their colourful bloom.

welcoming me back home are three loons gently riding the morning surf, and an ever-curious seal, bobbing in the distance, peacefully watching my reunion with my dearest friend Koda, the sweetest dog a man could ever possibly know.

all my senses tingle after being gone for two weeks in a completely distant land; one that’s impossbily beautiful, but barren in comparison to this rainforest i call home.

this isn’t to say one place is better than the other; such dualities of language are ridiculous, let alone impossible to actually exist.

each place is perfection, merely called by a different name. each place is magnificent in its own regard, manifested in their unique and astonishing natural beauty; rock by rock, tree by tree, leaf by leaf, cricket by cricket.

we all have our preferences however, that’s what marks our home. it’s where our hearts grow fondest. it’s where we go to cherish memories from adventures that have taken us elsewhere, and beyond. it’s where we feel most effortless and at ease.

life thrives here, as do i.

it’s always good to be back home.

brian thompson