finding clarity in the heart of your troubles

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

when in the midst of turmoil, pain or personal crisis, seek to find your inner-most place of zen.

quieten the noise inside, let your mind become still.

silence the stories you’ve wrapped yourself in. take a step back from the blame-game that’s been feeding your frenzy.

only search within — no external excuses are allowed.

these are the times when self-inquiry is at its most prolific, and when self-awareness is its most profound.

ask yourself, in what part have i been complicit in my pain?

when you’re in your most vulnerable of moments, the true nature of your struggle has little to hide behind — what’s causing you pain will become abundantly clear.

this is your trumpet of change that beckons your attention — don’t deny its call. the time to show your courage is now.

find clarity in the heart of your troubles.

peel back the layers of your suffering. find the hook that’s been stuck in your mouth and that has been dragging you down.

tear it out.

it might leave a bloody lip, but your wound will soon heal.

your newfound freedom will be profound.

brian thompson