what do you take for granted?

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

gratitude is one of the main ingredients to having a more meaningful, happy and fulfilled life.

after all, if you don’t appreciate something, you won’t find value in it, and when there’s no worth to be found in the things that make up your life, then depression and existential angst will creep in and consume you.

improve your outlook — try and be mindful of all that you have and encounter — be thankful for the good and the bad, the ecstatic and the bland.

all things have a purpose in your life — your challenge is to learn from them whatever you can.

begin by asking yourself, what do i take for granted?

the coffee in your hand? the tree in your yard or the flower on your lawn? the love from your friends? the music you enjoy? the natural beauty of the land? the ability to read the collected wisdom of the world on whatever device you’re currently on?

develop a profound fascination for life itself, including all of its disjointed and disparate parts.

refresh your spirit, forever revel in the wow of the here and now.

brian thompson