your thoughts are like a hitchhiker, desperately wanting for you to stop and pick them up

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

have you ever tried to remember what you were thinking at this exact time a week ago? it’s impossible, isn’t it? that thought is long gone.

this is a simple reminder that nothing is permanent, not even the status of our feelings or the content of our thoughts — both of which are the two things we take more seriously than anything else.

but in fact, nothing persists — neither in your mind, nor in the material world — not a rock, not a thought, not even the sun.

this is because change and transformation are an indisputable part of all things, including all of our worries, opinions, cravings, aches, pains, and points of view.

despite how desperately we try to control our environment, and hack the biology of our bodies and brains, we are not apart from nature — we are one with it. as such, we're all stuck within the same wheel of life that continually turns the changing of our seasons.

we come and we go, just as leaves on a tree, soon to replaced by another — so too are our thoughts and emotions.

your thoughts are like a hitchhiker, desperately wanting for you to stop and pick them up so they have someone to share their exaggerated story with.

our thoughts are transient, they're simply passing by. sure, they'll linger if you try and latch onto them, but they’re slippery; soon enough, they too will fade and slide away.

have you ever noticed how we attribute truth onto the thoughts we hang onto? we tend to believe whatever our mind tells us, no matter if it’s good or bad, helpful or harmful. however in doing so, we end up aligning our emotional well-being with an illusory thing that doesn’t even exist.

can you point to your thoughts? they’re as fleeting as a springtime shower that’s already passed us by!

when you stop taking your thoughts so seriously, you begin to realize just how silly and ridiculous most of them are, and as you come to understand this, you’ll begin to grasp at them less and less as they arise.

the quicker you let a thought go and allow it to pass, the less you'll suffer — but the longer you hang on, the deeper the pain you’ll sooner or later feel.

free yourself from all of the opinions that randomly appear in your mind.

we are one with the universe — as are our thoughts — neither no more permanent than a ripple in a pond.