A Continuum of Consciousness

words & design by Brian Thompson.

No thing, form, or object is stationary, fixed, or permanent—all things flicker in and out of existence. All things are a wave of conscious energy that rises and falls, that ebbs and wanes, and that transitions from one thing to the next.

Reality is not what it seems. Everything is in constant movement, transitioning from one state to the next—including us.

What we each call “me” is a momentary flicker in space-time—as all things are (as perceived by mind).

We are a wave that’s cresting on the ocean of consciousness, soon to rejoin the source from which we arose.

Our humanity is a continuum of consciousness, being. We are one and the same, each flowing from the same well of awareness, each coming into being through the same shared source.

We’re more alike than anyone could ever imagine—our awareness is identical, it is only our conditioning that is different. It is only our perspectives that change.

And yet, despite our abundant awareness of this flickering of life, we continue to view death as unfortunate, confusing and unfair. We take it personally, and in many cases, we spend our entire life resisting its undeniable reality. We fear death and the dissolution of our personal self, and it is this alone that has become the source of all mankind’s existential angst, struggles and worries.

The duality within our divided mind mistakenly believes that life is in direction opposition to death. We perceive “existence" to be the pinnacle of our being, which death then swiftly and unfairly robs us of.

But we have it all wrong.

The universal reality of all things, is one of non-being, not being. Our original nature is one of formlessness, not form.

Life and death are two sides of the same coin—but we’re so stuck in believing that we’re “heads” (being, or existence), that we end up fear the opposing “tails” (non-being, or non-existence). We become so blinded by this perceived duality that we can't see ourselves for the whole “coin" that we truly are. In truth, we are both the heads and the tails!

It is only because of our original non-being nature that our being is allowed to become—from the formless, to the form, to the formless. This is our wave. This is our non-duality. Life and death together, as one. We cannot be something without first being nothing.

Non-being is our original state, while being is our momentary flicker. So what’s to fear?

The void of nothingness and emptiness is our home, and to it, we shall each return. There is nothing to fear however, as the void is a part of us, and in fact, it’s who we’ve always been. We are one with the void even now, it is who we are. In fact, saying “We are not”, is much more accurate that saying, “We are”.

We are each a manifestation from the un-manifested—just as an apple is a part of its tree, and just as a wave cannot be independent from its medium, so are we.

Without nothing, something could never be! We all must arise from something, in order to be. And that something, is nothing! And that nothing, is we.

Nothingness is nothing other than the infinite potential for something to be.

Both before, and after, any existence, is non-existence. The emptiness of the void is one of infinite possibility. From it, all things become. It is the source of all that is!

This void is not empty of “something” however, for that implies the void is lacking of something. The void lacks nothing however, in its nothingness, it is complete.

Only a dualistic mind (or rather a divided-mind, a mind that can only see duality within everything) believes that emptiness must be empty of something. But in truth, emptiness is something! And, it’s all there truly Is.

Because of this natural emptiness, that is the universal reality of all things, something is then allowed to occur within it. Without emptiness, “something" could not be perceived. The background of nothingness is required for all things to be!

Without the infinite emptiness of our consciousness, for example, we could perceive nothing.

Our awareness gives everything its existence. Our awareness is this very void I speak of. All of existence happens within it.

The wave could not rise to the surface to be seen without its ocean to crest from. We are no different.

The manifest can only be recognized as such when it's seen in contrast to the unmanifest from which it arises. The apparent duality between the two however is indeed one, it is non-dual—they are one-in-the-same.

Life is subjective—in order to see light, there must first be darkness. The two are inseparable. The form is the formless. The something is nothing.

And so, because of this we are able to say I am, but I know that I am not, and because I know am not, I am.

"From the beginning not a thing is."
—Hui Neng