All problems are personal

words & design by Brian Thompson.

As soon as you interact with someone, some place or something, you evaluate it and then create a conceptual model of it within your mind, which simultaneously determines the nature of your experience of it.

This ongoing process within consciousness creates the world in which you live. While this may form the foundation that your every perception is built upon, it is not the truth of reality.

Your continual discernment of “things” immerses you inside a conceptualized dream of your own subconscious creation, allowing you to only see what your mind projects. Such is the dream of life.

Your mental activity paints a unique universe for you to perceive, as seen through your infinite palette of desires, fears, aversions, opinions, ideas, beliefs, worries and grievances—all of which you attach onto the word, “I”.

It is this habit of “mine-making” that creates all of your so-called problems.

For example: This is my opinion. This is my belief. This is my feeling. This is my situation. This is my past. This is my future. This is my money. This is my talent. This is my job. This is my intellect. This is my beauty. This is my sickness. This is my compassion. This is my stature. This is my power, fame and prestige. This is my problem. This is my predicament. This is all mine!

Can you see how your entire life—virtually every waking moment—is dominated by your ego and your I-thought?

I am sad. I am tired. I am mad. I am too good for this. I am not worthy. I am disgusted. I am offended. I am a failure. I am so disrespected. Why me? Me, me, me!

This is why every problem appears to be personal, because if something isn’t deemed to be personal by your ego, then it simply wouldn’t register with the emotional mind as an issue that needs resolving.

It is the opinionated personal mind, the one that claims “mine”, the I-thought, that creates the illusion of a problem, created by all of its individualized preferences, desires and distinctions.

Anything that you emotionally react to in the world is due to your own subjectivity.

All problems are personal; which simply means, you create your own suffering.

To be free, to be truly liberated, you must transcend the mind altogether, as it is your sense of “personhood” that is the very poison to your peace.

Realize that the personal idea you have of your self does not exist as you perceive it to. It is a perception, just like all of the problems you mis-perceive. This is the false self—the ego—and it must no longer be listened to, trusted, or believed.

Empty the mind of all its mental interference and abide peacefully in the here and now.

Empty all knowledge from your present state of mind and just see—empty of any preformed or conditioned belief.

Endeavour to see every moment through a child’s eyes, where everything is new, and where all of Reality is empty—empty of any prior desire to be different than what it present IS.

When we learn to be all-accepting of the here and now and our choiceless presence of awareness is allowed to shine pure, the bliss of our being is revealed—problem-free.