Anger is a sign that something needs to change

Whenever you feel anger rising within you, realize that it is always of your own doing.

Only YOU can remedy your own anger—it has absolutely nothing to do with the world around you, but it has everything to do with the environment within your own inner being.

Anger is a fear-based reaction—so let it be a red flag to your self-awareness—it's a signpost for where your inner work is needed the most.

When a threat is perceived against your comfort or peace of mind, anger arises. When you fear your happiness might be unfairly taken away, you become angry.

When something unexpectedly upsets your expectations, anger arises. When you fear your life might be turned upside down, you become angry.

These are all fear-based reactions—when you fear that things aren't going as you had planned, you become angry—even for something as silly as not finding a parking spot, or having to wait in an extra-long line, or finding out that your favourite restaurant is closed.

When the pleasure you anticipated is somehow disrupted, you become angry. In many regards, it's a childish response—you lose your cool because you didn't get your way.

Anger is a fit of desperation from an out-of-control and unforgiving mind—truly an unbecoming and ugly trait to have.

But no matter its cause, anger is always manageable—it is a decision after all, no matter how subconscious it may seem. So take command of your mindless reactions and invite mindfulness into the presence of your arousing heated emotions.

Observe your inner world and bear witness to whatever sets your mind aflame with anger.

When you feel your blood beginning to boil, press pause on your hasty reactions, take a deep breath, and witness your simmering emotions. Watch them. Feel their intensity, without responding to them. Question them, and then douse them with the calming focus of your mindful attention, watching the fear and anger settle in the calm waters of your awareness.

Awaken to your anger and let it enlighten you.

When you accept the futility of trying to control the random world around you, and you accept whatever comes as it may, there’s nothing to be angry about any longer.

To an accepting mind, anger dissolves in the immediacy of awareness—let your anger blossom into your peaceful new becoming.

“Anger is a sign that something needs to change.” —Mark Epstein