Annihilate all that is untrue within you

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

We are directly responsible for any emotional pain we experience in our life, no one else. We must hold ourselves accountable, and if we truly wish to put an end to the suffering we’re always wrapped in, then we must cut it off directly at the source.

It’s important to realize the only time we emotionally suffer is when we've unknowingly attached a sense of personal ownership onto any of our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, things and stuff, including our work, our art, and even our family, loved ones and friends. When any of these is somehow threatened, or it appears they might fade, change, break or disappear... we freak out inside, feeling that our existence is also being threatened somehow… and we emotionally react.

Our sense of self doesn’t like change. It likes things just the way they are—even if the way things are, aren't really that great.

Everything that we struggle with in life is directly attached to our sense of self by a thin thread of belief. Cut the thread—sever your suffering at its root.

Cut the thread of attachment that ties you to your perceived sense of self and you will be liberated from all of your needless suffering.

To experience true personal freedom you must smash your “self" on the rocks of truth—not your physical person of course, but the very idea of who you believe yourself to be.

Question every single belief you have of yourself.

What ideas do you cling to about who you believe yourself to be? Be honest with yourself. What is true? What is false? One by one, reveal them all as the forgeries they truly are. These thoughts do not define you.

Be ruthless in your quest for the absolute. Raise a ruckus and annihilate all that is untrue within you, thought by thought, belief by belief. Words are empty, they are not the truth of you.

You are not any of the attachments to which you cling—including all of your personal memories, knowledge, history, beliefs, talents, and beauty—the true you is beyond any such things.

Behold your ego as the keeper of lies and the perpetrator of mistruths that it truly is. Destroy every perception of yourself that is fabricated by a mind desperate to define itself.

You are beyond definition. Your are infinite—your only limit is the scope of your beliefs.

What you cling to, what causes you pain, is nothing other than your false sense of self—the personal identity which you’ve created over the course of your entire life. It is also the greatest lie your ego has ever told.

It should be realized that the ego is nothing but a dream. It is a creator of concepts only, who resides in a world of make-believe. It has no substance; it only clings to things which are unreal.

Drain the ego of the very thing which sustains its life—your attention to it and all of your belief in its fabrications.

Take the wind out of its sails and realize your true nature—No-Self—that which is beyond opinion, empty of belief, and free from any attachments of ego or mind.

When the ego is no longer cherished as the protector of your self, but rather is exposed as the jailer; the one who keeps you confined within the walls of false imprisonment—only then will you realize that the prison door is not only unlocked... but it’s not even there.

The door you visualize yourself trapped behind doesn’t even exist. It’s vapour, just like the ego that created it.

We can be free from the emotional suffering we inflict upon ourselves, but we must first destroy the false self that feels as if it’s being perpetually hurt.

When there's no longer a self to protect, there’s no longer any suffering. Yes, there will be pain… that’s unavoidable. But suffering, however, is a choice.

Pain isn’t an option, but suffering is.