are you just killing time?

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

i’m befuddled by a common saying which many of us take for granted — “i’m just killing time”.

what an odd and unsettling phrase — why would i want to kill the only thing that i actually have? why would i want the only time that i have to quickly pass me by?

if anything, i want to slow time down so that i can revel in its ever-unfolding, unparalleled magnificence more purely.

just think… all of existence conspired in infinite ways to deliver you here, into this very moment, so that you can experience this one-of-a-kind and seemingly imperceptible blink in time.

that blows my mind.

this is your moment, no one else’s — don’t let your "bored" mind rob you of its beauty.

you only want to "kill time" because you find yourself bored, but boredom is merely a dis-ease of mind. it’s an ignorant mindset of complacency, trying to convince you that you can do better, that you’ve seen it all before, that you already know all that needs to be known, or that you somehow need to be more properly entertained.

our unquenchable thirst for non-stop entertainment (to cure our continual boredom) is no more than a by-product of our desperation to continually distract ourselves. we’ve become so scared to be alone with our thoughts that we’ll do anything to avoid them, because we fear what they might reveal.

so we endlessly fidget with our devices, or we try to keep ourselves continually busy so that we can just get on with our day without ever having to connect with either our self, or the environment we’re in.

we’re so anxious for what might happen next that we take many of our moments for granted, and we rarely appreciate what we have in the here and now. we’re always wishing for something different other than what we currently have — the wanting never ends.

we never know when our last moment will be, so shouldn’t each one be be as cherished as the next? don’t kill them off, one by one — revere them each in the highest possible regard!

observe and listen — allow yourself to be wowed by every moment.

explore and learn — fill your mind with new experiences and knowledge.

let your mind fall away — be carried away by the bliss that hides within each and every passing moment.

immerse yourself in the totality of your present awareness.

be bored no more — don’t kill your time, savour it by engaging with it whole-heartedly and with your utmost intent.