Are you living in a make-believe land of incomplete memories?

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

It’s an important thing to realize that anything outside of this very moment, here and now, is a memory—and a weak, fading memory at that; one that’s full of holes—holes created by an ego that’s desperate to insert itself into every situation.

If it’s not a personal memory of your own private experience, then it’s a memory of an acquired learning, a teaching, or a cultural conditioning—we call this knowledge. But knowledge is still only a memory—it is not direct knowing, it is not direct experiencing. At best, knowledge is a third-hand recollection of someone else’s experience, tainted by language, over-analysis, and time.

The ego—the one who tends to our garden of memories—only resides in either the past or the future; it knows nothing of the Now, as the Now is reserved solely for our direct conscious awareness alone. And so, crowded out of the Now, the ego nurtures our memories instead, in an attempt to personalize every possible experience, and to grow new conceptualized stories of self for us to falsely identify with later.

So if you’re not whole-heartedly invested in the here and now, present with your full attentive awareness, then where are you?

Well, if you’re not here then you’re dwelling in the make-believe world of ego that exists only within your head, busy reflecting on the half-baked mis-truths of your imagination.

“Everything is just now. Your existence is just now. Just timeless Now. All the rest is just a dream due to conditioning and memory.” —Mooji

This is why fully abiding in the Now is so powerful, because it is the only thing that is actually real. Everything outside of what you are intimately experiencing in this present moment is an illusion.

It is impossible for our memories to capture the entirety of any experience, they are always incomplete.

They are unable to replicate the actual experience itself. So in such a way, memories should not be implicitly believed, nor relied upon. The only thing we can trust, is Now. Memories are twisted by time and have evolved into a fictional dream. They are a 2D dramatic recreation of a 3D world.

We mustn’t take our memories so seriously—they are desperately flawed.

We must focus our full awareness, intent, and zest into this precise moment instead, the eternal Now. After all, it’s all there is—and it’s ever-happening. It’s always, Now. We need not ever look for it, as it’s always right here.

THIS, right now, is what it means to abide in the truth of reality, not in some silly abstraction of it. Anything outside of our direct, immediate, first-hand experience is an illusion.

There is only direct experiencing. Any after-the-fact recollection is merely a conceptual idea that has become grossly faded by time.

Forever abide in only that which is real—the eternal continuity of present-minded consciousness. Be undistracted by previous time. Abide in the undivided awareness of the here and now.