Be free of your imaginings

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Mindfully abide in the awareness that perceives whatever appears to be happening and not in the happenings themselves.

To attach yourself to the seeming appearances of things is to become emotionally lost within the unreality of the dream that appears as the world.

Stay mindfully present in your moment-to-moment aware presence at all times and do not concern yourself with anything that appears within it, including all thoughts and emotions, including all supposed problems and predicaments.

Let each perception appear, as they will. Observe their happenings, deal with whatever needs to be done, but do not attach your sense of self onto whatever seems to happen or whatever seems to be done.

Never let go of the Truth—that everything, absolutely everything, is a projection of mind.

No matter what you think, the truth of you remains the impersonal consciousness that is effortlessly aware.

YOU are the emptiness in which all things appear—including mind and all of its spontaneous activity.

Mindfully observe all apparent happenings, remaining passionately detached—curiously interested, but emotionally uninvolved—just blissfully and peacefully aware.

This is what it means to transcend the mind; choosing to abide in no-mind, and no longer being entangled by the false appearance that is the dream of your apparent personhood.

Be free of your imaginings. Just Be.