The mind’s imagined duality and its subsequent self-hypnosis

words & design by Brian Thompson.

The more you dwell within mind, the more you divide yourself from experiencing the ever-present beauty, bliss, perfection, and truth of reality.

It must be realized that reality is not a thought—it is Being. So why languish in thought and suffer from that which is not?

Reality is always (and only) here and now. It can only be truthfully observed and experience by a quiescent mind, empty of personalized subjectivity and that is one with its environment—not divided from it.

What most people don’t realize however, is that the mind IS duality. The mind's job is to divide everything it perceives into different piles, into a “this” and a “that”—all of which are “other” and apart from oneself. The mind seeks out differences in appearances, searching for contrasting or complementary patterns, and then segregates them into separate conceptual parts. In other words, mind takes the harmony of the undivided whole and conceptually splits it into polarizing parts that we call objects, others, and things; to which "I am" their cognizing subject.

"I am” not only conceptualizes everything it perceives into mental images, ideas and forms, but it simultaneously believes that whatever it creates is the truth.

This is our ignorance. We ignore the affect that our own subjectivity has on that which is being observed. We distort that which is seen by the process of our ongoing conceptualization. We project our mental assertions onto all of the objects that we create.

Make no mistake—you create the objects you perceive by naming and defining a particular portion of the unified whole, that you mentally extract from all the rest. Life is then spent being emotionally involved and entangled with these mental images of things, rather than simply being, peacefully, with the totality of absolute reality itself.

We become hypnotized by mind's imagination.

Mind creates matter, object and form, which causes duality to be perceived, which then gives rise to a dream of delusion that appears to exist wherever we look, that continually obscures us from the truth.

We over-involve ourselves with all of these pre-conceived ideas that we have of ourselves, of other people, of things and place, of so-called incidents, of pasts that are unchangeable, of futures that will never be, and with whatever we think all of this means.

We are overwrought with conceptual thought!

As long as we continue to live solely within the limited framework of our own mental conceptions (which we project onto everything we perceive), we will continue to suffer from the egoic repercussions that come with believing in a false, imagined reality.

And so it can be said, we are lost within a non-existent dreamworld of our own creation.

One must awaken to the truth that is beyond mind, that is beyond the separately perceived individual self, that is the universal harmony found only within our own inner-stillness.

Relax all conceptual thinking—ignore it entirely. Observe it, but do not become involved with it. No longer grapple with any ideas of who, what, where, when and why. Most importantly, no longer be concerned with anything your ego attempts to attach on to thoughts of I, me, my or mine.

Do you see that the image you have of yourself is the grandaddy of all concepts? This is false egoic self. Dissolve this and all other concepts will fall away, as this is the centre-pin to which they are all attached to and revolve around.

See the world as an interdependent co-arising within your own presence of consciousness and you will see the truth of reality as it flowers within your infinite Self, your blissful and peaceful suchness of being.