Beyond Mind: Living in Pure Awareness

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

From the waking state to the dream state, from matter to mind, from space to time, from the form to the formless, the only thing that’s ever known by mind is the process of knowing.

The world, the universe, infinity... is all made of mind. There is nothing outside of this, for it is the one essential fabric for which our entire experience of reality is placed within.

Underneath this fleshy incarnation of body, bones and mind, this is who you truly are — a droplet of pure awareness from the universal source — intangible, yet so real it is the only thing that can ever be proven to be true.

You are this Awareness, manifest — this is your spark of life.

Behind your eyes, it sits. Beyond your mind, it remains always aware. Shut off all your sense perceptions, and it’s still there — your awareness — for it is the entirety of your universe. It is the very source of everything you perceive, as all things can only exist within consciousness itself — nothing is ever outside of it.

It is the root of your entire being.

Your sense of being the “self” you believe yourself to be, is a misguided perception. It is only an avatar of your own cultural conceptual creation. It is a projection of mind. It is the false, egoic self.

The real You is Awareness itself, it is who we all are — it is something we share. Together, we are like waves in an ocean that rise and fall, but the water is undivided and will forever remain.

The truth of your nature is this field of empty awareness. All things exist within it. It is bound only by the limits of a discerning and opinionated mind, but once all barriers of rational thought are dissolved — infinity appears.

Who you truly are is the witness of your consciousness, pure Awareness — this is your true Self.

Drop your knowledge. Lose your intellect. Ditch your sense of self. To know the truth, you must not know anything at all. You must move beyond thought, beyond space, beyond time — the truth of our reality lies beyond any such theories, words, or ideas.

All proof exists within your direct experience of this one Awareness, you only need to look within to realize it and see.

Ask yourself, “Who am I?” — what do you find? Awareness itself, the empty perfection of your true Self.

You are not this or that, you are not any label you attach to your sense of identity. You simply just... are. Nothing more needs to be added on top of this one true and verifiable statement. You are... Aware.

Become unbound by body and mind, shift the centre of your heartfelt attention into the ongoing experience of pure awareness, untouched by any conceptual perceptions of thought.

This is the natural state of flow that embodies the entirety of the cosmos. Awaken to this ever-present Awareness, live in this effortless embodiment of your true Self, the bliss of your infinite Being, free from the manufactured crisis of a personal identity.