Breaking free from our traditions

words & design by Brian Thompson.

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Traditions—we are told they must be honoured and respected, regardless of whether they are familial, cultural, or religious. We are told they contain the wisdom of our ancestors, and that they form the very roots of our society for which we should be forever in debt.

However, traditions are nothing more than a cultural story of a collective “self”. It is a group consciousness that conforms only to the historical and mythical stories it identifies itself with.

At its best, tradition is a tool for passing down important stories, and for sharing skills, music, art, and knowledge. In many regards, tradition is what gives a culture its richness, vibrancy and colour—and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

In its most naive form, tradition can be a trap that keeps a person stuck in cultural delusion by clinging to ignorant beliefs.

And at its worst, tradition is a tool of mass hypnosis whose only intent is to brainwash, control and dominate an entire people.

Many traditions are innocent and harmless—after all, who doesn’t love birthday get-togethers and seasonal gatherings? But unfortunately many traditions only perpetuate harmful cultural narratives that subjugate the weak, the poor and the powerless, while further empowering those who are in control.

Make no mistake—just because something is considered a tradition doesn’t mean it deserves to continue.

We must no longer inherit the ignorance of those who have come before us. If we want to awaken to the truth of our being, we must take nothing for granted—no belief, no story, no ceremony, and no handed-down, so-called cultural “knowledge".

We mustn’t blindly accept anyone else's story as our own.

We must endeavour to believe only that which we can prove to be true within ourselves, severing belief in any tradition where the proof of our own personal experiences proves otherwise.

We must no longer be bound by our past. This isn't about disrespecting our forefathers, this is about living and abiding in nothing but the truth.

This is the quest of self-realization—you no longer need a story to live by. Question everything. Believe nothing.

Is adherence to tradition holding you back from your own awakening?

The truth is self-evident—let that be the only tradition you keep.