Beliefs limit you—they divide

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Thoughts aren't necessarily our enemy, they can be a blessing as much as a curse.

Thoughts are harmless, as long as they aren't given our attention or trust.

The true obstacle to freedom are your beliefs.

Beliefs limit you. They constrict you into a pre-conceived notion, which you project onto whatever you perceive.

For instance, if you believe that you are the thinker of the thoughts you perceive; that is, a self who is their creator, and who is altogether defined by them—then you are in conflict with your true Self nature.

You aren't the thinker of thought, you, awareness, are the ever-present observer of thought. Believing otherwise only obscures the intimacy and oneness that exists within every experience and within every possible moment.

To believe you are a thought is to reduce yourself into something you are not.

In so doing, you reduce yourself into a conceptualized character who is "the thinker", “the experiencer”, and "the doer", rather than realizing your true Self as the presence of awareness in which all phenomena, sensation, and thought appears within.

Know that there is nothing to be “owned" by any “owner", there is only the perceptions that appear here and now, and you are that. Not the “perceiver" of that, but the perceiving itself.

It is this thought, the belief of separation, that divides the experience of experiencing into an "observer" and an "observed", rather than allowing the process of experiencing to remain as the unified act of observing that it truly is. In other words, know yourself as the experiencing, not the conceptualized “experiencer”.

See your experiencing for what it is—there is no personal self who sees, for that is merely a thought, there is only the seeing.

No longer limit yourself by dividing your infinite presence of knowingness into conceptual parts.

When experience is divided into a subject and an object, it creates the perception of duality, which results in the painful sense of separation, aloneness, inadequacy, lack, fear, desire, opposition and tension, from which all personal suffering is created.