CAUTION: Don't Feed the Thoughts

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

When you feed a thought with your belief in it, it demands more attention from you. It lingers and occupies a piece of your mind. The more you feed it, the larger it grows and the more consuming it becomes. Sometimes this is useful (such as when you are trying to solve a problem), but most of the time the only result is emotional self-abuse.

The more you believe a thought to be true, the more distracting it becomes, and the more you suffer as you ponder its hurtful words.

But a thought is no different than a passing tree, you only notice it if you want to.

When you place the focus of your attention onto any thought, it zooms into full view and becomes real. Without your interest it will fade away. In fact, many thoughts won’t even be noticed if you don't touch them, they’ll just disappear from your mind almost as soon as they arise.

The ego craves your attention — starve it. Don’t let it keep coming back for more.

This is the skill of the mindful, of only paying attention to those thoughts that are useful to you, while letting all others drift away, unattached.

An un-grasped thought will no longer harm you, including self-critical thoughts that make you depressed, overly self-conscious, fearful, or not feeling worthy.

Let go and don’t feed the thoughts. The only thing that’s not worthy, is the thought itself.