Chasing Shadows of Concept and Thought

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Our inner struggle is in our quest to constantly grab hold of shadows.

Shadows are impossible to catch and will forever give you the illusion of a chase, but following your shadows of thought will only shroud you in the darkness of their fruitless desire. It is a winless race.

As long as you strive to acquire, you’ll never receive. As long as you wish to be rich, you’ll always be poor. As long as you keep looking, you’ll never see. As long as you keep trying, you’ll never be. As long as you desire to be happy, you’ll always be sad. As long as you keep wanting, you’ll never be free.

You mustn’t let the duality of your concepts divide your self in two.

You are only separated from that which you seek by thinking it is not already within you, by believing you are not already whole.

As soon as you elevate one thing above another, it becomes unreachable. You lack nothing but an unobstructed awareness of your true self.

You are divided in two by your conceptualizations of names and form that you apply to things. Free from the duality of your juxtaposing thoughts, you will find that you are already complete.

Only when you rid your self from any such distinctions, when you neither favour nor discriminate between this or that, will you be free from the very perceptions that keep you endlessly wanting, that forever keep you restless and uneasy.

All that you hope to realize is already within you. The truth of your nature lays beyond any mental conceptions of who you think you are.

All you need to realize is that, I am. All that is, is your awareness itself. Anything beyond that is only another layer of intangible thought that obscures what is already perfect and absolute.

The only obstacle is thought itself. Go beyond your concepts. Go beyond mind, and you will find, I am. This is the light of true awareness and absolute self-realization.

Understanding this is your spark to awaken.