Consciousness experiences only itself

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Thought divides. Presence abides.

Thought divides the present moment into an inside ‘me' that becomes its conceptual ‘experiencer', and into an outside ‘world' of objects that simultaneously becomes the ‘experienced'.

Reality then appears to be divided into two separate elements—a me and a not-me—a division which exists only within mind.

In truth however, reality is unified. The separation we perceive is false.

Pure presence however—which means to abide in absolute consciousness, unfettered by any such false separation of conceptual thought,—only knows the totality of the present-moment-experience in all of its absolute fullness, without any sense of division whatsoever.

Pure presence reveals reality as only this precise present-moment-seeing, which the mind then falsely divides into a seer and a seen—but both such entities are merely conceptual notions, neither of which actually appear within the process of seeing itself.

Neither entity nor object actually exists, as they are imagined to be.

When the mind is silenced and is trained to no longer insert its ongoing narrative into every sensory perception that is cognized within consciousness, there is no longer an inside self (me) to be experienced as separate, nor is there an outside world (them) which is apart from oneself —there is only the direct and immediate intimacy of present-moment experiencing, inclusive of all that appears to be.

Thought divides, creating a me and a you, an us and them, an up and a down, and a good and a bad; while pure presence abides in the unity of all that Is.

This is the non-duality of self-realization, knowing oneself to be the Universal Self that shines upon—and through—all that is perceived.

We are consciousness perceiving itself from a multitude of unique co-arising manifestations, each of us only ever seeing our Self from a different point of view.

Consciousness experiences only itself.

We are the knowing through which we know only ourself.