The New Book by Simple Reminders — Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

book edited by Brian Thompson

i recently finished working on an amazing project that i’m really excited to share with you — it's a new book titled Simple Reminders, by author Bryant McGill and Jenni Young — the inspiring couple behind the website and massively popular Facebook page of the same name, Simple Reminders.

a few months ago i met Bryant and Jenni after they had stumbled upon some of my writing, and it's since turned into one of those moments of incredible serendipity. we have so much in common that working together seemed to be a no-brainer.

fast forward a couple of months and i not only ended up editing the entire Simple Reminders book, but i also wrote an Editor’s Preface that appears in the front of the book as well.

i’m so honoured to be included in this amazing new book — Simple Reminders is filled with a truly inspiring message that will help you fill your life with beauty, peace, happiness and success, and i whole-heartedly recommend it everyone.

Simple Reminders is a book you'll find yourself returning to often.

here’s some of the reviews that have already rolled in, including one from myself:

"Beautiful..." (Simple Reminders)
—Paulo Coelho, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"This book is a treasure chest of wisdom. May it help you and inspire you as you connect with his brilliant mind and the many insights of others he shares. Bryant is a friend to me; to all of us. Enjoy!"
—Dr. Steve Maraboli, Acclaimed Behavioral Research Scientist

"Strong, wonderful words and thoughts!" (Included Poetry)
—Michael Douglas, Film Legend & Humanitarian

"Like all great books, long after you've put it down, its transcendent essence will continue to stick with you. Its simple truth will remind you to continue acting on its enduring message of love, acceptance, beauty and forgiveness."
—Brian Thompson, Creator of Zen Thinking & Author of Sparks to Awaken

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about the book:

You may have heard about the Simple Reminders book last week on SiriusXM when Bryant McGill, Tony Robbins and Oprah were interviewed about the Simple Steps you can take to reach your dreams. Bryant is the cover-story of OM-Times this week discussing Simple Reminders, and is in a PBS Special next week with Jack Canfield, and, just appeared this week in Inc Magazine where Simple Reminders was mentioned! Get your copy and see what the media buzz is all about! Foreword by the prolific author and behavioral scientist, Dr. Steve Maraboli.

So what's all the buzz about? This book of writings, posters, art, and original photography has struck a chord in the hearts of millions of people around the world, becoming a publishing phenomenon among the most shared content in Facebook history. Learn the tools and patterns of thinking to cultivate more beauty in your life, build confidence, escape from toxic relationships, move through pain and conflict, forgive people who have hurt you and uncover your highest purpose in life.

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