Everything yields to honesty

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Everything yields to honesty.

When you’re honest with yourself, speaking the truth cleanses you of anger, sadness, hatred, desire, envy and greed. The pain of your inner denials weaken you. When your self-reflection is honest, it exposes all of the lies that you’ve told yourself and that you've been resisting.

You can't hide from yourself for long.

Once confronted, your negative emotions have nowhere to run and they can finally begin to heal.

Everything yields to honesty.

When you’re honest with others, speaking the truth absolves you of guilt, shame, aversion, grief and despair. When you deny the truth that's in your heart, you only inflict further suffering upon yourself.

Honesty will liberate you.

This purifying nature of honesty is one of truth, sincerity, humility and vulnerability; redeeming traits that earn you nothing but trust, confidence and respect.

Without honesty in your life, struggles never end. When truth is ignored, pains only continue to grow until they consume you.

As they say, the truth will set you free, even though it might sting.

But in the end, everything yields to honesty.