Formless Forms

words & design by Brian Thompson.

I've always been mesmerized by fire, waves and wind. 

They hold the deepest of universal secrets—the indescribable truth of our infinite, universal nature. 

The elements have nothing to hide. So why do we? Are we not elemental ourselves?

Nothing is obscured. Nothing is resisted. Nothing is claimed as its own. Nothing is falsely projected by a wanting or lacking mind. 

All is accepted as it is. No gain, no loss—no struggle.

No words need be spoken, for the truth they share is wordless, transmitted only through the purity of essence, through the effortless dance of the ecstasy of their being. 

Their message of oneness, of non-duality, and the non-temporal unity of all non-being is available to us all, and yet, it remains realized by few.

In the flickering flames that burn on this cool December day, I smile as the truth crackles from the hearth, as it rises into cedar-scented wisps of smoke, licking the tops of the trees, blowing in the eternal breeze. 

These images I see, they are not unlike you are me.

The form is formless, the formless is form. 

Both are we.