Happiness is the absence of thought

words and design by Brian Thompson.

The wind will blow, until it doesn't. The rain will fall, until it is done.

Nothing you can do, think, or say can ever change this—regardless of how much you might resist it.

This is reality.

In a similar way, the rest of reality continues to carry on as well, no matter what thoughts we layer on top of it while we try to make sense of it. However, no such “meaning" of life can be adequately found through thought.

The meaning you seek—peace, love, happiness, and fulfillment—is already your true nature, regardless of how obscured it is by your “sense" of a self (that you’ve created and project onto the world).

Happiness is the absence of thought. Quit thinking so much—just be!

To realize this ever-present, always-unfolding, universal truth of reality, you must peacefully abide in the present moment and radically accept all that is, without having any preference for or against, while being empty of any contrasting opinions.

Truth is not a concept.

As soon as you impart judgement upon something, your peace becomes divided and your perception of reality is torn in two.

To realize the beauty that’s inherent within all things, you must move beyond the thinking mind. The mind wants to separate and divide, while the heart wants to embrace. You must squash all resistance.

The “meaning” you seek can only be felt—it can not be found with the intellect.

“Meaning" does not dwell in memory, experience, knowledge, reasoning or logic. It can only be realized in the clarity and openness of an undefended heart. It can only be found in the vulnerable acceptance of the here and now.

The truth can only be realized by itself.

Be that which you already are—the blissful presence of awareness—and all will be revealed.