hearing the voice of reason within

words & photo by Brian Thompson, model & photo edit by Jennifer Picard Photography.

the art of listening is a gift of compassion, nothing feels better than being truly heard.

this includes listening to yourself. hear the voice of reason within.

what is your inner voice trying to tell you but that you continually ignore? what is your body silently screaming for?

be honest with yourself.

self-deception is a poison to the soul and will only lead to even greater suffering.

what are you hiding that you refuse to acknowledge?

look within and listen, without feeling a need to explain, make excuses, deny or defend.

the biggest gift you can give yourself is one of total acceptance.

whatever your circumstance may be, it is what it is — you must accept it so that you can understand it, learn from it, heal, grow, and move on.

once resistance fades, so too will your stress and tension. your mind will then settle and become much more at ease. your worry will wane. your overwrought reactions will mellow and your thinking will become more calm and clear.

only when the struggle stops, can the healing begin.