How do these pointers help me to cope with day-to-day life?

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Reader Question:

How do these pointers help me to cope with my day-to-day life and in sustaining positive, hopeful thinking?


You are That which is prior to consciousness, that is prior to the mind, and that is prior to the sense, 'I Am'.

I exist. I know this for certain. But, as whom? As what? Who am I?

This Witnessing Presence that you are is nothing but pure Awareness. You are nothing but an empty Knowing space in which all such questions from the ego-mind appear.

Your perceiving emptiness is free from the mind's concepts, which are responsible for creating the dreamlike illusion of false duality that seems to pervade both your sense of a personal self and the world in which you seem to exist.

When this inner emptiness is understood with absolute conviction—that you are nothing but the blissful aware presence of absolute nothingness in which all perceptions appear—absolute peace is then realized to be the changeless foundation in which every experience arises.

In other words, there is no ‘one' home to ‘be’ happy, for there is only the feeling of happiness. It is the mind’s nature to claim it as its own, thereby calling it ‘mine'. But there is no one to own any such emotion; there are only the feelings to be had. There is, for example, no one to ever be sad, for there is only sadness felt. You are the Beingness in which every moment arises, but there is no separate ‘you’ that stands apart from that experience—for you are the experience itself.

Time—and all its contents—arise within you, as you.

You are not a person, nor a thing—you are nowhere to be found, for you are the presence in which all of this seems to exist.

You, as presence, are always and already here, wherever you are, whenever you are.

You are That.

The person you believe yourself to be (or that you are hoping to find) is nothing but an empty thought.

Know your Self as pure awareness, as the unconditioned space of limitless Being that is this awareness we call 'here and now'. In this aware space that we each call 'me', even consciousness itself seems to be observed, and along with it, all of its perceived dualities.

You, the infinite and eternal spacious presence in which all Knowing arises, are the source and substance of unfading happiness—and yet, awareness of such eludes you. When you imagine yourself to be something you are not, this natural happiness of the Self is diluted and obscured.

You need not rely on positive or hopeful thinking, for it is the mental activity of trying to find yourself (and your happiness) within thought that is itself the cause of not realizing those exact feelings that are already present within you as your true nature.

The seeker is the sought.

The harder you look for yourself, the further away you will stumble. You cannot be found, for you are That which is looking.

Drop the search.

See through the mind's tenacious grappling for unanswerable questions. You are a feeling that must be felt—not thought. You cannot locate yourself inside any philosophy, mystical endeavour, or spiritual experience—for you are the aware presence of emptiness in which all such activity arises.

You are not a thing; you are nothing.

You are the silent observer to this psychological dream called a person and to this dramatic play of apparent duality called the world.

Realize your Self as the impersonal presence that IS both this very moment and the witnessing of it.

Alas, you are the light of all-knowing, the intangible suchness of awareness that peacefully rests behind all that is known, and that illuminates all that unfolds within consciousness.

Realize what you already are and always have been—the emptiness and undistracted presence of pure Being.

You are Absolute Nothingness—and blissfully so.