I, Awareness.

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Your true self nature—Awareness—is not an “object” that can be perceived like a thought or a tree.

It evades all conscious perception because it is empty of any attribute, even though it is the emptiness in which all attributes appear.

If you look into your own personal experience, you will see there is never a moment when you are not experiencing your own awareness—it is ever-present. Despite your awareness being undetected by your senses, it is what gives each sense their sensing.

It is the illuminating essence of being, within which all experiences are made aware. Awareness may not have any objective qualities of its own, but in it all qualities become known.

It is the formless and infinite emptiness in which consciousness awakens. It is the ‘I' in 'I am’. It is the ‘me' to which I constantly refer to as, myself.

But this ‘I' that is Awareness, that is the very source of my 'I am’, is not to be confused with the body, nor the mind. It is independent of that which it reflects itself through—the human form. It is not personal, but it is what makes the person, for without it, the person would not be. It is the spark that awakens the person into Being, but the person is not it.

Awareness is the light of your ever-present suchness; it is the irrefutable sparkle in your eye that has no other name.

It is this common ‘I’ which we all collectively share. My ‘I’ is your ‘I’, just as my Self is yours.

When this is self-realized, when you become aware of your own awareness, you see your Self within all things. You see your Self as the source and substance of all that Is. Within you—the presence of unbound Awareness—all things arise. When you become Self-Aware, you see how nothing can exist outside of you, as you are the source of all consciousness. Because of you, everything Is.

You are the source of all Being. Through you, the whole universe becomes known.

Look within. Investigate the nature of your very own mind and harmonize your thoughts with the inner awareness that pervades every single thing you’ve ever experienced, felt, thought, remembered, or known. Know yourself not as a person, nor as a body or a mind, but as this inner awareness.

Dissolve every thought you have of yourself into the presence of awareness that your entire being exists within. This is the emptiness that liberates you of any ignorance, delusion and mistaken belief. No untruth can exist here, as your awareness is the very source of truth and reality itself.

In saying the words, 'I am aware’, you re-focus your mind beyond its thinking self; you point it directly towards the emptiness of your being, the limitless space in which all that is perceived thereby becomes known.

I am. This is your true Self, the illuminating essence of peace and love that absolves your mind of its endless delusions.

It is only your imagination that insists that you are the mind, its memories, its personality, and the physical body that contains it. But these are merely attributes you perceive. Your true self is beyond any scope of possible perception—you are the awareness in which all perceptions appear.

I am not this, I am not that—I am not anything I perceive.

I am aware of this thought. I am aware of this emotion. I am aware of this body. I am aware of the sound of a passing car. I am aware of a tickle in the throat. I am aware of an itch on the skin. I am aware of the scent of freshly baked bread. I am aware of the taste of tea on my tongue. I am aware of these feet that touch the ground. I am aware of all that is presently seen.

But I am not that which I am aware of—I am that which is aware.

This is my nameless and faceless self. This is my suchness.

I am, and this Awareness is Me.