If you want to suffer, you only need to believe in a thought

words and design by Brian Thompson.

If you want to suffer, you only need to believe in a thought—that’s all you need to do. Your belief in the unreal will do all the rest.

But if you want to truly be happy and at peace, then don’t believe in a single thing—abide only in the ongoing intimacy of direct awareness, without confusing it with any definitions, distinctions, discernments, or relative comparisons.

Your experience within every moment is whatever your mind makes of its sense perceptions.

Your experience is all your own—it is yours to do with however you please.

So, what’ll it be?

Will you alter the perfection of the present moment by adding something distasteful into the mix, such as assumptions of personal opinion and thought? Will you turn this very moment inside out in an effort to find something missing or wrong with it? Will you resist what already is?

Or, will you accept and embrace this moment for what it truly is, and experience the beauty it already beholds?

As soon as you attempt to interpret an experience you change it into something that exists only within your head—a thought-object-of-mind that is a tattered piece from that which is already true and whole, torn apart by the belief it was something other than what it actually was.

The quality of your every experience is entirely yours. This is your dream—to be lived however you choose.

Distance yourself from personal and subjective thoughts and peace will soon follow.