In stillness, peace awakens

words & design by Brian Thompson.

As soon as you think you're experiencing a challenge or a personal problem, you are. It is the thought alone that creates.

The moment you believe you are distracted by mind, you absolutely are.

Inner stillness is all that is required. In the unmoved mind, all happenings pass through clean and clear, unhampered by egoic reactivity.

As long as you remain still in your presence of awareness, unencumbered by mind and its subjective and critical conjecture, then you are already enlightened.

In truth, there is no moment when you are not aware. This is who you are, whether it is mindfully realized in the present moment or not.

You are already awake, it is only the thinking that there is something more to be achieved or to be acquired that deludes you. There is no-thing that needs to be solved or figured out any further than this. The answer to all of your spiritual and existential quandaries is simple—all that is required is your choiceless and passionate acceptance of all that presently Is.

What you seek can be found here and now, nowhere else. All paths lead here, so why journey far and long? No journey is needed, you are already here—you only need to open your eyes and see. Nothing additional needs to be learned. Relax your grip on whatever you presume to believe—realize that no knowledge is true, only present-moment-knowing IS.

It is your presumed understandings that distract you from the happiness and inner-fulfillment you seek.

Abandon all presumptions. Discard any and all conceptualized theories about how things should-be, could-be, might-be, or should-have-been, and the bliss of the untarnished Now will shine crystal clear.

You are already That, why not awaken and see?

The moment you believe otherwise is the moment you fall back into the dream of the unconscious, un-realized and un-aware—despite your unbound presence of awareness in which all such ignorance appears. This is the paradox of being, and such is the veil of illusion; it deludes you from the truth of your very own self-realization.

Awaken to awareness;
In stillness, peace awakens;
In silence, inner bliss becomes.