How an open heart heals raw wounds

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Don’t constrict your heart and shrink back when you feel vulnerable, fearful or threatened. Instead, open your heart and expand it.

An open heart purifies discontent. It silences criticism and breaks through barriers that were otherwise impossible to move.

When you are open, you are much more safe than when you are closed, despite your natural tendency to tighten and conceal your hurt. When you are open, you allow things to happen as they may, without resistance. You are flexible like a tree that bends in the wind and yet is never shaken from its roots. When your heart is closed, you become nervous and fearful while you hide.

Resisting causes tension. Tension causes stress. Stress causes frayed nerves, depression, anger and a slew of other unhealthy outcomes, both physical and emotional.

Wherever there’s division, there’s conflict. Unify yourself.

Open your heart to the world and nurture a place of inner peace. Your inner harmony will heal all the raw wounds.