Investigating Your Intimate Experience of Existing

words & design by Brian Thompson.

You believe you are conscious of being a person, correct?

However, on the spiritual quest to uncover the truth of one’s essential nature, this is the foremost mistake a person makes, without even considering otherwise. To believe that you are a person is to misperceive how you actually experience life itself.

What does it mean to be alive?

Is it not an intimate sense of knowingness that pervades every sensation, that is an aware inner-essence that only you can know? You know that you exist—this you are certain of. You can confidently say, I Am. But, I Am… what?

Let’s investigate the entirely intimate experience of existing.

If you remove all preconceived ideas about the aware presence that you undoubtedly are, you will realize that you are not actually conscious of being a person—you are simply consciousness, being. Everything beyond that is a false assumption.

In other words, you are a presence of consciousness that experiences experiencing, through a person. As such, consciousness is revealed to not be contained inside the person at all, rather, the person is actually contained within consciousness.

Yes—the person you appear to be is indeed an appearance within consciousness, which is no different than anything else you perceive. You perceive your mind and body, just as you do everything else within the world.

You experience your apparent personhood, but you are not it.

So, Who Am I? Or more precisely, What is this I-Amness that I know myself to be?

I experience the wind, but I know I Am not it. How? Because I know what I Am and I know what I Am not. I experience the sun, but I know I Am not it. Similarly, I experience the human body's breath, thoughts, emotions and physical pains—but I also know that I Am not any of it.

I Am the awareness that perceives it. I Am Awareness. I Am.

Are you a person first, who is conscious, second? If you are a person first, how can a person be a person without its sentience? Is it not consciousness that is the very life-giving sentience that allows one to say, I Am? With this realization it is understood that you are the presence of consciousness that permeates everything you’ve ever known, that is the underlying essence of everything you’ve ever sensed and experienced. In truth, consciousness is the source and substance of your entire being. It alone is your all-pervading sense of I Am.

Recalibrate your sensory perceptions.

Understand your true Self as consciousness, and not as the mis-perceived false self, the body-mind manifestation that you have mistakenly identified yourself as.

When you identify yourself as consciousness, rather than as the person, the person’s problems melt away. When the person no longer “exists”, neither do its problems. In order to exist, the person requires your implicit belief in its concept—but it is merely an illusion of mind.

When the "person" is gone (or rather, the egoic sense of a personal self), the physical body-mind mechanism of course remains intact, but the idea of the separate individual within is exposed as being nothing more than a false concept. The individual identity you unknowingly created for yourself wasn’t true, and neither were any of the problems that were attached to it.

This change in perspective transcends the false self's personal and subjective point of worldly view. You are no longer defined by the physical body and its collection of memories, desires and fear. A new universal perspective is revealed at once—one that is empty of any limiting egoic influence, one that is empty of any confining conceptual identity.

When you are free of the idea of the person you have always presumed yourself to be, you are free to simply Be.

You no longer have to worry and suffer to try to be this, or try to be that… you just simply exist—peacefully, blissfuly, and content in yourself, as your true Self.

Realize that the entire universe exists within you, consciousness. You are the absolute truth of reality! All things emanate from you, consciousness, including the apparent physical manifestation that you presently perceive and experience the manifest world through.