It's not you who thinks, thinking simply happens

words & design by Brian Thompson.

“A thought came to me…”

Umm, they all do. You don’t create any of them. Thoughts just spontaneously appear from nothingness. They are a product of the mind, its conditioning, and its present environment—but you are not the mind, and “you” had nothing to do with any thought’s appearance.

It’s not you who thinks. Thinking simply happens, and you are its witnessing presence.

So, be mindful of what you attach your self-identity onto. Quit claiming personal ownership and doer-ship of all such things that are merely appearances to you. After all, why hang onto something that isn’t actually yours? Whatever appears to you—whether it’s a thought, an emotion, a bodily sensation, or something that’s perceived within the world—simply let it pass, unhindered by mental grasping.

You cannot control that which isn’t yours, including all thoughts, emotions and sensations. Abide only in that which is real, which all appearances arise within—awareness itself. Be disentangled from all perceptions. They are not you.

And so, if you identify with the pure awareness of your formless presence, and not with any of the things of the mind or the world, the mind will become calm and quiescent. When the mind is no longer lost in the fruitless search for its own essence, it peacefully rests in the heart of its own awareness—its home.

In each and every moment, your only choice is to decide which thoughts are deserving of your time, attention, awareness, energy and emotions.

Your problem isn't any of the problems you perceive. Your problem is that you personally identify with the objects of perception—including things of the mind. You believe these things that you observe somehow affect you, limit you, and control you—but, in truth, you limit yourself through your attachments, which are a choice.

Be conscious of consciousness. Abide in the sensing presence that is, I Am.

If you believe the thoughts that appear to you, you unknowingly project them onto your perceptions, and you then create false somethings out of nothing. It is these false somethings that you suffer from.

Freedom is realized in the conscious attention to your self-aware observations. So, where will you allow awareness to be focussed?

Will you continue to permit the mind to be obsessed with impermanent thoughts, and to be consumed by things that have nothing to do with you? Will you continue to be emotionally swallowed by the temporary manifestations that spontaneously appear and disappear within each and every moment? Or, will you stay focussed on that which is changeless and real, abiding only in the presence of awareness that is your Selfless Self?

Consciousness cannot claim ownership of anything—not your past experiences, not the mind’s intellect, nor any of the body’s attributes or skills. Consciousness cannot be anything other than itself, and you are That. Awareness cannot be anything that appears within its infinite and dreamlike expanse. Awareness can only be aware—presently, intimately, directly, and knowingly—and this is true your Self identity, Absolute Reality.

You have nothing to do with the mind or the body. Disengage with its illusions and sensations. Abide in that which is real—the flowing stream of consciousness itself.

Know yourself as are the ocean of awareness in which all seeming things swim.