It's your sense of lack that makes you feel empty

photo & design by Brian Thompson.

You will receive everything you need when you stop asking for what you do not need.
—Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

If you feel like you're lacking many of the things you need to be happy, it is this very sense of lack that keeps you from finding everything you dream of.

You’re on a treadmill chasing a carrot that can never be caught.

You don’t need more things and stuff to make you happy, nor do you need more money, success or fame, nor do you need the approval or attention you crave; what you need more than anything is to simply uncover the inner contentment in your being that already exists, that hides underneath all of the distractions from materialist junk.

The problem is, you want for all the wrong reasons. The more you want, the more you think you need. It never ends. You want this and that, thinking they will make you feel happy and fulfilled. You want this and that, thinking they will fill the hole that aches deep inside your soul.

But the truth is, you cannot fill a hole that doesn’t exist. You lack nothing! You are already complete—but you’ve been convinced otherwise by all of the flashy distractions of the word around you.

But the world of stuff around you is not you—it is not what you are made of—you cannot mend a broken a soul with more of what caused it to crack in the first place.

The only thing you lack is the awareness of the root of all happiness—serenity within; peace of mind, unbound by any sense of wanton desire or greed, and a self-confidence that you already have—and are—everything you need.

When your mind is still and it’s no longer fighting against itself, all of the walls that seemingly stand in your way will crumble.

All that you wish for can finally be found once you stop wanting what you do not need, and once you stop believing that anything has control of your happiness other than you.

All that you need is your own self-realization.

Question your sense of lack; from where does it arise? Question the origin of your desires. Question your motives. Question the emotional symptoms which you seemingly hope to heal. And most important of all, question your false sense of self which you somehow intend to improve. Question everything that you identify yourself with.

Quit pretending to be something you’re not. The answers you seek are already within you.