Just leave your mind alone

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Here's a little stream-of-conscious flow that spilled out of me this morning...

I hope it helps point you towards your own inner truth, and to help you overcome any moments of inner-anxiety or worry that you might be experiencing...


There’s nothing to let go of. Nothing. No-thing. There's nothing there, except your troublesome thoughts.

There’s nothing to move beyond, as whatever you think there is, is already in the past or in a future that will never be.

Everything. All of it.

By the time you think it, in truth, it’s already gone. The thoughts that think it aren’t even real. They’re just a dream. An illusion of mind, tempting the false self to believe in its manifestations and imaginings.

You only make your worries linger by dwelling upon them.

There’s nothing to worry about. All is well. It is only your conceptualized delusions that appear real. Outside of your thinking of them, they dissolve all on their own.

This is your dissolution of self—no longer allowing yourself to ruminate, speculate, and grapple with the personalized cycle of ponderous thought and worry.

There is nothing to let go of. There is nothing to find. It’s all right here, now.

Your Self is what you’ve been searching for, and yet you obscure its realization through each and every thought that you attach your indvidualized sense of "I, me, and mine” onto.

Just stop. That’s all you need to do. All is well. Just be quiet—inside.

Rest easy in your own present awareness, not in that which you sense, but in the feeling of your awareness itself. Do not entertain any thought. Just appreciate the essence of your aware presence, in all of its wonder, bliss and awe. You are this very presence; not any of things that appear within it—including your thoughts.

You are Existence. You are Life itself.

Be not concerned by the drama that appears within its dream, for your true Self is beyond any such possible imagining!

If you react to the world, it will appear real. If you do not engage with its manifestations, they altogether disappear.

You create what you fear. Just stop.

You lack nothing. In fact, you are more abundant than any abundance could possibly ever be, as any sense of abundance can only appear within you!

YOU are what gives all things their existence.

You are all there is. Love. Bliss. Compassion. It is only your thinking that veils this realization.

There is nothing to find. Stop whatever you’re doing, here and now, and abide in this. Do not think. Feel. Sense your inner quietude, even in the presence of noise or sound. It is always there. You are this stillness. You are this peaceful silence.

Just leave your mind alone. Any effort to calm it will only stir its muddy waters. Let it become still, by just leaving it alone.

Settle yourself in your Self, and all will become abundantly clear. Here and now.

Much love,
Brian Thompson