Know Yourself.

image courtesy of Simple Reminders.

Know yourself.

Become intimately in tune with the nature of your true Self and you will never again feel alone.

You are your own best friend, you've only forgotten this undeniable fact.

You cannot be separated from yourself. You cannot be distanced from your own conscious awareness. No matter how hard you try, you're there.

Be comforted by your continually recurring breath, each and every one is the gift of life; always present, always available for you to return to in times of need.

No thought can ever shake you unless you allow it.

Your true Self cannot be stirred by any sense of loneliness or despair — it is only aware, unencumbered by any anxious personal opinion. Abide in that bliss, detached from any opinions of self, and be at peace, there — within — untouched by any outside distraction.

Know yourself and you'll never be alone.

(special thanks to Bryant McGill and Simple Reminders for the quote that inspired these words)