Knowledge isn't Knowing: Unravelling the duality of perception

words & design by Brian Thompson.

You are not your knowledge. You are the knowing that knows what you perceive as being knowledge.

It’s an incredible misperception that a person’s knowledge defines who they are. Unfortunately however, most people wrap their entire identity with whatever knowledge they appear to possess, believing they are nothing more than their lifetime of collected sensations, regardless of how great or small, no matter how genius or menial that acquired knowledge might seem.

This is such an incredibly limiting belief to have of oneself however; one that holds a person back from realizing their true self potential—one that keeps a person extremely limited by their past.

Knowledge however, is always in the past.

So, as long as we continue to identify our self with our “smarts”, no matter if its book smarts, or things otherwise learned, developed, practiced, witnessed, remembered or experienced—we continue to live in a conceptual dreamworld that doesn’t exist.

Knowing on the other hand is always present—it is timeless. Knowing is immediate, intimate, continuous, uninterrupted, effortless and self-evident. It co-arises within your ever-present presence of awareness and is a direct reflection of the illuminating essence of your being.

This is your true self—and this is precisely what every spiritual seeker is on a quest to find. Do no look for the truth in your knowledge, in neither that which you currently believe to possess or in that which you hope to gain—look for in your present knowing.

“You must think it all out for yourself, become yourself the object of your meditation.” —Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Knowing requires no thought. It requires no “doer”, or rather, it requires no “self” to consciously initiate it or own it—it is autonomous and unified with the very presence of your being. Knowing is not an object of thought, which is why it has no subject, what would otherwise be known as the knower, or, your “self".

Knowing cannot be owned, as it is not a thing. It cannot be anything other than a present-moment sensation, while knowledge however, is a recollection of past memories, all of which are no longer current, all of which no longer exist. All of which are therefore false.

Since knowing is a direct reflection of being, and not a thing, there is no “knowledge” to ever be known. Knowledge therefore is an illusion created by a perceived false duality.

Knowing is now—and only now can be true. All that there ever is, is this.

Any previous knowing (or knowledge, as we prefer to call it) cannot be relied upon as it is not presently proven through direct perception. All that can ever be verified is that which is presently known through the intimacy of present-moment experiencing.

Knowing is true, while knowledge is assumed—and all suffering arises from our false assumptions.

So, where would you rather rest your belief in past knowledge, or in present knowing?

In truth, all we ever have is this, here and now, so why would you want to self-identify with something that doesn’t exist and is untrue?

So many millions of people victimize themselves by doing this very thing—they live in the past through their story of self—their so-called history or collected knowledge—but this only perpetuates a person’s suffering.

Happiness cannot be found in the past, it can only be found through present knowing. Be that which you already are.

The past must be left alone. No longer identify yourself with it. Be the knowing presence that knows, and no matter what happens to arise within your awareness, realize that you are the underlying presence and not the apparent object that appear within it.

Knowing is inclusive of all that is presently perceived. You are one with it all, always.

You are this—the pure essence behind the very process of your experiencing. An aware presence of being that is forever unfolding into the timeless here and now.

It takes no knowledge to love, to care, to be wise, to smile, to laugh, to have joy, or to be happy. It takes no knowledge to be awake and aware in the present moment. It takes no knowledge to be.

Let this alone be your spiritual practice. You need nothing other than this.

Be that which you already are. Be no longer hindered by whatever knowledge you presume to possess or not possess; simply be the knowing that forever knows.

There is bliss in this, as this is the ultimate realization of what you have forever been seeking—your true Self nature.